Securities, foreign currencies or derivatives

A global reach: HSCB offers around the clock access to financial markets

HSCB’s trading experts in Europe, US and Asia give you access to top-tier global investments. Allocate your liquid assets in the short, medium or long term in securities, foreign currencies or derivatives.


From money markets, equity, bonds or real estate, HSCB gives you fingertip access to industry leading fund managers qualified globally. As a private investor, take advantage of HSCB’s professional selection process and distribution network. We will be happy to advise you on a personal basis.


As a member of the Swiss stock exchange “SIX Swiss Exchange’’ or through our global network of stock brokers, you have digital access to the best stock market rates in the world. We process all account orders and trades through immediate execution of deals that conform with MiFID standards.

Currencies and precious metals

All instruments on the world's forex and precious metals markets can be used quickly and flexibly. Specialized, worldwide networked traders in Zurich, New York and Hong Kong are available 24 hours a day.


Using industry leading professionals and a proprietary network of brokers and managers, we consistently seek the best possible price in all markets.

Structured products

We blend multiples of asset classes into personalized products that adhere to unique risk-return profiles of an investor. Our industry leading team of professionals help your HSCB portfolio manager at most crucial selection stages; working alongside a global spectrum of providers to ensure we efficiently and expeditiously construct a competitive offer for you.

Derivatives: options and futures

Direct access to exchange-traded options and futures as well as to non-traditional derivatives traded directly between banks. For a small capital outlay, options and futures positions give you the chance to outperform returns in comparison to traditional investments. With our proprietary research and in-depth product knowledge for these higher-risk investments, your money is always in a good place.

Disclaimer: HSCB investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at HSCB with a relationship manager.