Our investment advisory

For informed investment advise

With HSCB Investment Advisory, clients can enjoy comprehensive insights that will optimize the execution of your investment strategies. We supply tailor-made recommendations, where you are the ultimate decision maker.

As part of HSCB's investment advisory services, your investment advisor frequently monitors your investment strategy.
More information The fundamental element of HS Capital Banks’s investment advisory solutions, your personal advisor will regularly keep and eye on your investment techniques to ensure you are making the most out of our services.

At HSCB you given access to industry leading experts with access to the entire spectrum of proprietary research and advice here at HS Capital Bank. We consistently and skillfully control your investment methodology and provide you with suggestions and opportunities in anticipation of key market developments. This permits you to keep ahead and take action that make financial sense when managing your investments.

Your private investment advisor

At the core of our advisory services is the element of your personal advisor understanding your goals, personal needs and unique situation. They are able to then develop long-term business relationships that will shepherd your financial success over time. We believe in consistency, dependability and continuity along with a transparent corporate structure for you to benefit from.

A strong segment of your personal advisory service is how your consultant consistently communicates ideas to you, and prepares proposals that are uniquely tailored to your goals, needs and risk profile as an investor. Our industry leading experts have a global reach with an array of products, backed up by the competence of our asset managers and proprietary research.

Two personal Investment Advisory options

Your investment strategy is defined by you and your investment advisor.
More information Your investment strategy is defined by you and your investment advisor.

Investment Advisory

As part of our investment advisory solutions, we observe your investments to make certain that your portfolio composition still matches the investment approach determined by you and your advisor. Additionally, we use our proprietary research and global analytical data cross-referenced with logical opportunities to evaluate the short/medium/long term opportunities for the asset classes and individual stocks in which you have invested. We monitor the maturities of bonds and structured products in your portfolio and provide you with reinvestment proposals.

Your advisor will also be pleased to arrange for investment specialists with whom he is in close and frequent contact to attend meetings with you to discuss strategic investments.

A brief look at Investment Advisory elements:

  • Definition of an individual investment tactic
  • Expert monitoring of your portfolio
  • Proactive recommendations for optimizing your portfolio
  • Ongoing trade of ideas with your personal consultant
  • You make your own investment judgments
Proactive investment advisory by HSCB investment experts.
More information Proactive investment advisory by HSCB investment experts.

Active Investment Advisory

We offer an active investment advisory service to professional investors such as family offices who regularly trade on the capital markets. Along with your personal advisory manager that will guide you appropriately, you also have frequent contact with our industry leading specialists.

Our industry leading professionals evaluate the financial markets with global analysts and utilize our proprietary research to assess the potential opportunities and outcomes in conjunction with your risk profile as an investor. They use these findings to present you regular investment proposals covering anything from short-term trading suggestions to medium- and long-term investment recommendations. On request you will also receive up-to-date information on the financial markets.

HS Capital Bank’s Active Advisory allows you to act on information ahead of the market and benefit from opportunities in real time, making a difference to your investments.

A brief look at the advantages of our Active Advisory solutions:

  • Proprietary research and information consistently communicated regarding relevant opportunities and strategies.
  • Open ended contact with our industry leading professionals.
  • Ultimately make your own decisions on what is manageable and best suited for you and your investment goals.

Disclaimer: HSCB investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at HSCB with a relationship manager.