HSCB financing

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Our financing choices round off our private banking options for you and your family in a way that is able to enhance your financial flexibility as a whole.

Lombard Loan

The HSCB Lombard loan will provide immediate access to extra liquidity through utilizing assets as endorsement

We are happy to allocate a credit limit which you can use to buy stocks or for almost any other requirement. Based on the lending value of your assets as collateral, as assessed by us, we will determine the maximum level of credit. Available as fixed advances, you can secure a low interest rate for your HSCB Lombard loan.

Mortgages for property financing

We ensure client relationships by providing flexibility when it is most needed. As such, a mortgage from HS Capital Bank will enable you to finance you’re the purchase of property in almost any country in the world.

Our industry leading financing professionals can provide real estate funding solutions for you in selected states which include Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong.

Trade finance

With us, your payment assurances and performance responsibilities are in good hands.
We have decades of expertise and industry leading knowledge of managing and hedging every type of contractual security deposit as well as unforseen obligations.

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Disclaimer: HSCB investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at HSCB with a relationship manager.