Welcome to Private Banking at HSCB

In addition to individual advice and a comprehensive range of services, we offer you exclusive access to tailored investment opportunities.

HSCB Private Banking offering

Our team specialize in gaining a precise understanding of your individual financial situation and putting forward long-term investment proposals that are tailored to your circumstances. We offer our clients exclusive access to investment solutions that have been developed over decades.

Determine your personal investment strategy together with your HSCB advisor.

Portfolio management

You determine the course of your investment strategy together with your portfolio manager. Our industry leading professionals take your goals seriously when investing your assets.

HSCB Investment Advisory

HSCB Investment Advisory

Clients can enjoy comprehensive insights that will optimize the execution of your investment strategies. We supply tailor-made recommendations, where you are the ultimate decision maker.

HSCB grants investors variable credit limits for financing.


Our financing choices round off our Private Banking options for you and your family in a way that is able to enhance your financial flexibility as a whole.

Online banking

HSCB online banking gives you instant access to all the information necessary for individuals and intermediaries. It allows you to process payments, deal in securities, request statements and directly contact your portfolio manager or HSCB at any time.

Broad investment universe

From alternative and traditional investments through to sustainable investments, asset allocation solutions and investment funds, we offer you an extensive range of investment strategies and products. Or would you like to invest in the same strategy as our owner? We’ll give you a rundown of all your options.

Equities and equity funds

Benefit from the success of a listed company. As a traditional instrument, investing in the equity market you gain directly from the commercial progress of publicly listed firms.

Bonds and bond funds

With bonds you invest in fixed income investments. Our industry leading experts analyze interest rates, trends and risks to select products that provide above-average returns.

Securities trading, foreign exchange, derivatives

HSCB's trading experts in Europe, US and Asia give you access to top-tier global investments. Allocate you liquid assets in the short, medium or long-term in securities, foreign currencies or derivatives.

Sustainable investments

HSCB invests in companies and organizations that have a strong background of environmental, social and corporate governance that brings long-term value both financially and sustainably.

Overview of investment products

Whether you are looking for traditional or other, our list of funds will give you a comprehensive overview of all HSCB’s investment products.

Disclaimer: HSCB investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at HSCB with a relationship manager.

Here you can find all of HSCB’s investment products licensed for sale