Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    £7.95 per trade. This is a flat rate commission meaning it's irrespective of the deal size (although the minimum deal size is £50).

    These fees are our charges for trading but for both these tariffs various administration charges and government taxes and levies still apply - please see our charges for details.

  • Are there any maintenance fees?


  • How do I apply for an account?

    By going to the Applications page, choosing your account type and completing the online application form.

  • What account types are there?

    Individual, Individual Overseas, Joint, Company, Trust and Designated. We have an ISA

  • How long will it take to open my account?

    This depends on the type of account you are opening. For Individual and Joint Accounts your identity is checked automatically online and so potentially you could be trading within minutes. If you fail the online checks then you will be required to send documentation and we will endeavour to open your account as quickly as possible as soon as we receive it. For Individual Overseas, Company, Trust and Designated accounts you will be required to send in documentation. Again your account will be opened as quickly as possible, subject to approval.

  • Who can certify copies of my documents?

    A solicitor, notary or independent financial advisor. We also accept the Post Office Identity Checking service. If you work for a Financial Services firm and can arrange for a senior member of staff there to certify your documents then this may be acceptable as long as we can contact them, however we recommend checking with us first.

  • Do I need to send a bank statement?

    Upon opening an account we will ask you to send a document to us which proves the ownership of your bank account so you are able to receive refunds from us. This should be an original statement from the account which is no older than three months and shows your name, address, account number and sort code. If you opened an account before 30th September 2011 then this information would have been emailed to you in October 2011.

  • What do I do if I bank online?

    Print off an online statement and if possible get it stamped and certified by a cashier at a branch of your bank. If it doesn't show your address then please make sure you provide another document which does (such as a Council Tax bill or driving licence).

  • What do I do if my bank does not have a branch?

    Send an online print out and another piece of recent correspondence from the bank which shows your name, address and account details. If you do not have this then you are required to request it from your bank.

  • Where should I send my bank statement?

    HS Capital
    2nd Floor
    20 Ropemaker Street
    EC2Y 9AR

  • How will I know my account is open?

    If you have been approved online then your account number will be displayed to you at the end of your application along with a URL you can follow to activate your account. If you have to send documentation you will receive an email to confirm the opening of your account and your account number once your documents have been approved. Any enquiries regarding documents should be emailed to info@hscapitalbank.com.

  • What do I do next?

    To start using your account you have to activate it - this is the process of setting up your secure login details.

  • How do I activate my account?

    You go to the Activate Your Account page and follow the screens to create your login details, or you follow the activation URL displayed to you at the end of your application.

  • What do I do if I have lost any of my login details?

    Username - email info@hscapitalbank.com from your nominated email address, stating your account number

    Password - Use the 'Forgotten Password' button on the login screen. Note you will require your PIN to change your password

    PIN - Use the 'Forgotten PIN' button on the login screen

    For security reasons we do not have access to either your password or PIN and so will not be able to confirm these to you. If you have more than three unsuccessful attempts to login you will be locked out and will need to email the Customer Services address to be unlocked.

  • Once I log in what happens next?

    You will be presented with a page that is the summary of your account where you will need to click on the 'HS Capital Online Trading Account' button to take you to your portfolio.

  • How do I fund my account?

    You have three options:

    1. Debit card online through the Make Payment screen. You must use the card attached to your nominated bank account and your payment will be credited to your account immediately.
    2. Bank transfer to HS Capital bank account - 20-35-90 23916618. Payments must be clearly labeled with your trading account number. An email to info@hscapitalbank.com if you know your payment has hit our bank, will help to speed up the allocation of cash to your trading account.
    3. Cheque made payable to HS Capital.

    These must have your trading account number on the back and will take 5 working days to clear to your trading account. All payments must come from your nominated bank account.

  • What do I do if I keep receiving an error message when attempting a card payment online?

    You should first ensure your bank is authorising the payment you are trying. If they are and your payment still won't complete then please call our Customer Services team on 020 3700 0107. Please note we cannot solve payment queries using our Live Support service online.

  • How do I change my nominated bank account details?

    Send us an original bank statement that is no older than 3 months. If you bank online and do not receive a hard copy statement please take your most recent online printout that states your full name and address into your local branch and ask them to stamp, date and sign it.

  • How do I sell shares I already have?

    If you have certificates you have to deposit them on to the account before you can trade them. If you hold them electronically elsewhere you have to arrange for them to be transferred to us before you can trade them.

  • How do I deposit share certificates?

    Print off and fill in a CREST Transfer Form PDF using the example and notes if needed, send it to us along with the share certificates and we will deposit them to your account. You will no longer hold the paper shares, they will become electronic. They will display in your Non-Tradable holdings on your portfolio until they are fully deposited and then they will move to Tradable. This can take up to four working days and you will not be able to trade them until this time. If the share certificates are found to be invalid this process can take longer.

    Please note you are not able to deposit shares directly onto an ISA account.

  • How do I transfer my shares from another broker?

    Once your account is fully opened (i.e. when you can login) fill in either a Broker Transfer Form (Full) PDF or Broker Transfer Form (Partial) PDF depending whether you want to do a full or partial transfer of your holdings. Send the form to us and we will contact your existing broker on your behalf. How long the process takes depends on how long it takes your existing broker to provide us with details of the transfer. Whilst this transfer process is happening you will not be able to trade the shares.

  • How do I trade?

    You have to have funds on your account before you can place a buy order. Once you have credited your account with cash you have to go to 'Trading' at the top of your portfolio and choose 'At Best' from the drop-down menu. Search for the share you want to trade (by EPIC is best) and then follow the screens through to the Order Entry page. Enter an order by an amount of money or a number of shares, ensuring you have enough cash on your account to cover the cost of the shares, 0.5% stamp duty reserve tax and commission. To place a sell order click the 'Sell' button on the right of your holding in your portfolio.

    After entering your trade details you'll get a firm price from a market maker and up to 15 seconds to decide if you want to go ahead with the trade. Once you have clicked Yes you have committed to the trade and it is irreversible so make sure you're happy with the price.

  • How do I know a trade has completed?

    Once a trade is completed you will see an entry on the Trade History page and your Portfolio will update with the relevant cash/stock changes. If you have had confirmation of a trade but either of these screens have not updated then contact info@hscapitalbank.com as soon as possible.

  • When I buy can I sell the shares straight away?

    Yes, the shares you buy are available to sell as soon as they hit your portfolio (which is immediately).

  • Can I use limits to trade?

    Yes, you can set ordinary buy and sell limits as well as stop losses and rising buys. To set limits go to 'Trading' and choose 'Limits' from the drop down menu. Search for the share you are interested in and then look for the orange 'Add' button on the right of the Stock Summary Page. All our limits are set in GBX (pence) so take care when entering them.

  • How do the limits work?

    Our limit system works between 8.10am and 4.29pm. It will read live buy and sell prices during that time, depending on the limit type you have set. If your limit price is met the limit will trigger and attempt to fill your order with an online market maker (RSP). If there is no price available then the order will not complete and the limit will recycle to try again. It will do this multiple times until the order is filled or fails completely, at which point you will be emailed. For this reason we recommend you checking your emails regularly whilst you have limits set with us.

  • When I sell how do I get my money back?

    All online trades are done on a T+2 basis – this means the trade will settle 2 working days after the trade date. Once the trade settles you are able to request a refund from the Manage Money screen.

  • How will money be sent to me?

    Please note that we cannot pay a refund to your bank until you have provided an original or certified copy (see above) of your bank statement to prove your bank account. Once you provide this then a refund will be paid to you by BACS payment to your nominated bank account. This can take up to 3 working days from when we send it to hit your account.

  • Do you send money by CHAPS?

    Only in special circumstances for a fee of £25. To request one please email your account number and the amount to info@hscapitalbank.com rather than using the Manage Money screen. Again we will not be able to do this unless you have provided a bank statement.

  • How do I view a contract note?

    One will appear with the trade entry on the Trade History page. It's a PDF file that will pop up in a new window or tab when you try and open it - make sure your browser allows pop ups from the site.

  • How do I get a statement of my account?

    From the Trade History page you can request a 1 month, 3 month and 6 month statement and these will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The idea is to keep up to date with these statements, however if you end up needing one dating back further than 6 months we will post it to you upon request.

  • How will my dividends get paid?

    Automatically onto the cash balance of your account. As your shares are held in a designated nominee account you may receive the dividend a few days after the published pay date. The Dividend History page shows all dividends paid to you.

  • Will I receive a tax voucher for each dividend?

    No you will receive a Consolidated Tax Voucher at the end of each tax year.

  • How do I change my personal details?

    The Change Details page allows you to change your address, contact numbers and email address. You can only have one email address registered with us at a time (this applies to joint accounts as well).

  • How do I notify you if my name changes?

    By writing to us and sending a copy of the legal document confirming the change. You can scan and email the document to info@hscapitalbank.com if preferred.

  • How do I close my account?

    Email info@hscapitalbank.com with the request. Please ensure the account is empty (no stock or cash) before you send this request.

  • How do I convert my shares to certificates?

    Send a request to info@hscapitalbank.com containing your account number and details of the shares you want to withdraw (name of the company and share amount). You will be charged £15 per certificate so please ensure there is enough cash on your account to cover the fees.

  • How do I transfer to another broker?

    You will need to open an account with that Broker and ask them to manage the transfer process to them. We will comply with any instructions that we receive from them, that you have signed. Cash transfers to another regulated firm are free of charge, but we make a charge to transfer each line of stock.

  • Can I withdraw certificates into someone else's name?

    We will not ordinarily make a third party certification. If there are compelling reasons why this is necessary, please ask to speak to the Compliance Officer and he may permit this, subject to satisfactory identification of the recipient in line with our view of the applicable Money Laundering Regulations and a charge will be made in line with Terms of Business.

  • Can I transfer my shares to another HS Capital Online account?

    Only if you want to 'gift' your shares to your spouse, sibling or child (over 18). To do this please write to us clearly stating your intention to gift the shares. The letter must also contain the shares you want to gift, your account details and those of the person you are gifting to as well as your signature as authorisation.