HSCB Online Banking

We have designed our online platform for you to be able to easily understand how your money is being managed. Our private banking application allows you to access both your portfolio and accounts.

HSCB SmartBanking

HSCB Smart Banking gives you instant access to all the information regarding your portfolio. It allows you process payments, deal in securities, request statements and directly contact your portfolio manager or HSCB at any time.



Access your HSCB Smart Banking anywhere in the world on your desktop.

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How to register

In the beginning, it may be complicated. Feel free to get in touch anytime and our advisors will help you set up your HSCB Smart Banking.

Not got HSCB Smart Banking yet?

Contact your advisor for what you need to apply for HSCB Smart Banking.

Almost anything you need can be found on the platform, under the tab for information and help.

Online Banking Help

Our staff are always pleased to answer your questions.

HSCB Smart Banking Client Support
Monday to Friday, 6am – 8pm (CET)
Saturday, 8am – 1pm (CET)

HSCB Smart Banking – a world of benefits

HSCB Smart Banking is easy to use, helpful and meets the highest quality standards for security and safety.

Information: view your accounts and portfolios anywhere in the world at any time.

  • Information about your investment portfolios (overview, securities trading, open/pending orders, summaries, margin overview etc.)
  • Your general client information with us
  • HSCB news (operating result, publications, etc.)
  • Information, news and reports about markets and investments from our industry-leading experts across the globe.
Behalten Sie Konten und Portfolios stets im Blick

Communication: get in touch whenever you need

  • Contact your portfolio manager (organize appointments or request a callback)
  • Share documents (upload and send securely through our secure internal servers)
  • Request account summary (assets summary, accounts summary)
  • Request personal notifications (price limits, balances, track payments, etc.)
Behalten Sie Konten und Portfolios stets im Blick
Tauschen Sie sich mit Ihrem Kundenberater aus

Transactions: complete payments anywhere, any time

  • Process payments (summary, pending orders, direct debits, etc.)
  • Place market orders (single trades, options, sell orders, etc.)
Behalten Sie Konten und Portfolios stets im Blick

HSCB Smart Banking can be accessed on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop). HSCB Smart Banking is compatible with the following browsers:

Chrome (v63 or above)
Firefox (v58 or above)
Safari (v9.0 or above)

The HSCB Smart Banking app works on mobile devices that have the most basic system requirements:

Apple: iOS 10.0 or above
Android: 6.0 or above

You need a user account along with your unique user ID and password to access your HSCB Smart Banking account. This information will be emailed to you. Your activation documents will be sent separately. Ensure you save these in a secure place and do not share them with anyone.

If you log in on a tablet, laptop of desktop:
You always need to provide authentication through another device (mobile) along with entering your unique user ID and password. Simply put, you need a mobile to receive two-factor authentication codes via text or automated call. A second option is, you can use an HSCB cryptogram scanner. This will be sent in another email and is a small scanning device that we are happy to supply, upon request. You can use the HSCB cryptogram scanner to scan the cryptogram on your tablet, laptop or desktop to satisfy the two-factor authentication requirements. A security code will then pop up to complete the process.

If you log in on a smartphone:
If you would like to access HSCB Smart Banking anywhere in the world using your smartphone, you will only need to enter your unique user ID and password. You will not need to provide two-factor authentication using a cryptogram. However, when using the application for the first time, you will have to activate your mobile. To do so, you need a desktop, laptop or tablet for this one-time activation.

Legal information
Using the HSCB banking software, you are subject to agreement of the legal information and conditions for terms of use in order to be granted access to the HSCB banking software (hereinafter referred to as "HSCB").

Only online banking clients of HSCB are granted to access and may use the HSCB banking software and applications. The unique password issued to you by HSCB is strictly confidential and it is your responsibility to protect it against misuse and/or any unauthorized third parties. The password must not be replicated, copied or stored unsafely anywhere and/or on a mobile device (all referred to hereinafter as "device"). HSCB does not accept any/or liability for damages attributed to the unsecure disclosure and/or usage of your unique password. HSCB reserves the right to block the unique password in any/or cases if necessary. The technical framework you use (hardware, communication) when using HSCB Online Banking must meet HSCB’s minimum standard requirements. As such, are set out in the banking services agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "bs agreement").

You will receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable right to use the HSCB banking software. It is prohibited to modify the HSCB banking software, either fully or partially, and/or combine with other software and/or integration, to copy or replicate it in any other way, and/or use for purposes other than those outlined in the bs agreement.

HSCB does not provide any guarantees surrounding the banking software and its assurance to freedom of errors or that it will function with other programs you may/not use. If any faults or errors occur in the HSCB banking software that impair and/or limit the functionality of your device, you must cease using it and promptly contact HSCB direct. HSCB does not accept responsibility and/or liability for damages of any kind that may be incurred as a result of faults or errors in banking software and/or improper us.

HSCB exclusively reserves the right to modify and/or update the banking software at any time.

If data intended to be encrypted in line with regulatory standards, is sent via a public network, you are advised that this is so done at your own risk. We ensure all information and data encryption is of the highest level, however, when the sender and recipient remain unencrypted, it is possible for third parties to view. Ensuring optimum encryption of data, we may transfer across national borders, even if the sender and recipient are located in the same country.

Please also note the legal information can be found on our corporate website, wwww.hscapitalbank.com

By selecting "Accept legal disclosures", you confirm that you accept the above terms and conditions.