Liquid Alternatives

Liquid Alternatives: with HSCB, you can take advantage of non-traditional opportunities

Alternative asset classes can improve diversity as well as the risk/return profile in a portfolio. For investors, HS Capital Bank opens up the numerous capabilities that liquid alternatives can provide.

This asset class can give you with an array of investment benefits for your portfolio. Based on individual return requirements and risk strategy, these opportunities may be an extremely valuable supplement to the architecture of a portfolio.

Hedge funds

For decades as a private investor, HSCB has drawn on hedge funds as a cornerstone to our investment strategy since 1989. The company currently manages more than USD 1.2 billion within this segment, invested via 150 expert hedge fund managers.

Insurance-linked investments

In order to successfully diversify a portfolio, identifying asset classes which have as low a correlation to other asset classes is paramount. Insurance-linked investments hardly correlate to the financial global markets, and in addition, offer attractive earnings.

Al Trading

These extremely flexible strategies allow HSCB to offer investors with cost-cost-effective and dynamic access to securities, bonds, commodities and currencies.

Disclaimer: HSCB investments and funds open up fresh opportunities, but at the same time involve risk. Your investment profile is the definite factor. Explore your options for investing your money at HSCB with a portfolio manager. Contact us today.