Asset Management

Expertise in global asset management

Our core areas of investment expertise draw on our many years of experience. Our approach to asset management isn’t just about building a portfolio. We take a holistic, global, yet personalised approach to assessing your needs, which allows us to provide you with long-term, bespoke solutions.

HS Capital Bank employs industry leading professionals worldwide to find the most profitable investment opportunities, building the best financial portfolios for our clients. Through actively monitoring markets and anticipating future trends with our proprietary research, ensure we outperform average returns achieved in a traditional portfolio.

We ensure success in four key elements of asset management: private investment markets, liquid alternatives, multi-asset funds and absolute long-only solutions. The company draws on industry leading experience and proprietary research in these fields since 1989.

Private markets: endless oppotunities

HS Capital Bank offers investment solutions focused on private markets, including private equity and real estate.

Liquid alternatives: enhancing diversification

Alternative asset classes can improve both the diversification and the risk/return profile of a portfolio.

Multi-asset investments: strengthen a balanced portfolio

Through proprietary research drawn from scenario planning to tailor investments that blend the complete compass of asset variations available in today’s market, matched with individual risk profiles. This way we can cover all requirements and opportunities through an investment.

Absolute long-only solutions: adopting new approaches

HS Capital Bank has obtained global success within the absolute long-only area of investing. With our long-term investment heritage, we are able to skilfully enhance asset classes that can be utilised to generate absolute returns even in the low interest rate environment.