Our business philosophy

Eric Roth, CEO HSCB Private Banking

"Our clients benefit from HSCB’s many years of experience in managing assets and legacies. You have the opportunity pursue the same proprietary strategies as our owners. As such, the interests of our clients, employees and owners, are commonly aligned."

Eric Roth, CEO HSCB Private Banking

From the accrual and safe-guarding to the succession of assets, we assist you to meet your financial targets. As a result, we concentrate on long-term financial beliefs and action, our industry leading expertise, in addition to our proprietary strategies.

HSCB manages a significant part of the assets of the Suss Family of Liechtenstein. This responsibility not only shapes the way we think and act, but also the manner in which we invest assets to make them grow.

  • We focus on establishing long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Since 1989, we have always aimed for a well-balanced and growth-orientated proprietary strategy
  • We prefer long-term value creation over short-term profit maximization.
  • In our dual capacity as investors and also a company, we have been dedicated to sustainability above all else.
  • We give close attention to each client in order for us to comprehend your financial ambitions and personal situations.
  • We work as a team to establish a strategy tailored to your goals.
  • This individual strategy is executed with a personalized investment solution.
  • Desires and ambitions can alter, which is why we consistently review whether your strategy and portfolio remain in tandem with your goals
  • Take advantage of our industry-leading expertise to achieve financial success. In terms of scenario analysis, strategic asset allocation and the growth of portfolios, our professionals offer the best guidance.
  • Consistent awards from independent boards suffice as recognition of our capabilities.
  • All advisors are certified are obligated to undergo rigorous training and development programs annually.
  • We strongly believe that long-term financial success is only achievable if our interests are aligned with our clients and team.
  • We allow clients the unique opportunity to invest their assets in accordance with the strategies that have shown profits to our owners for decades.
  • Further to offering our own investments, our professionals search the global market for the most unparalleled solutions in every case.
  • Both the internal and external investment managers place their own finances in the investments that they handle.