Domiciled in the heart of Europe with a global reach, we are the Private Banking and Asset Management group owned exclusively by an entrepreneurial family, with many years of expertise in directing substantial sums of assets, we have many years of expertise in directing substantial sums of assets.




Locations worldwide

7.06 bn

Assets under management

98.8 m

Group profit

business philosophy

Our business philosophy

From the creation to the capital conservation through to the legacy of your finances, we help you meet the goals that mean the most to you. We look at the long-term and action our industry-leading investment experience.

Our advisory approach

From a comprehensive analysis and creating a tailor-made strategy, your portfolio manager takes the time to shepherd an approach to align your financial goals and personal situations. He will consult with you to draw up a uniquely designed approach to ensure your financial desires are met and thereafter, consistently review the progression is as needed.

business philosophy

Management and Oversight Structure

HSCB has been privately owned for over 80 years and therefore has efficient management and organizational structures. This allows us to make decisions quickly and independently, and to establish a long-term corporate strategy.

We believe in values and transparency

Commitment, expertise and sustainability - these are the ideals that mark us out as a family-run business. How we think and act is formed by our owner, the Hans Suss family of Liechtenstein, and its generations of tradition and business minded experience.

We understand the value of traditions and proprietary strategies and understand how important it truly is to share these with others. Additionally, we know that it is values such as respect and a experience of responsibility that create trust and bring individuals collectively in an increasingly misleading world.

Producing benefits together

Our proprietary investment strategies are created with respect to the long term and your personal views. As a bank, we know precisely what it means to acquire and maintain wealth. As a client, you are aware that it is not just monetary assets that are important.

This is why we believe in traditional values. We firmly believe this is the greatest way we are able to create added value on your behalf, our team, and as well as the corporation.

Conservative balance page - financial stability

HS Capital Bank incorporates a robust balance sheet, high liquidity and solid capitalization. Our equity budget is well above legal conditions and reflects the economic strength of our organization in comparison to other international counterparts. We're also one of few international private banks that has its credit reliability approved at a AAA rating.

HSCB Group’s key figures

(as of June 30, 2018)

  30.06.2018 30.06.2017
Total operating income CHF 530.7 million CHF 407.8 million
Group profit CHF 98.8 million CHF 88.8 million
Net asset inflow CHF 2.1 billion CHF 1.6 billion*
Asset growth from acquisitions - CHF 1.82 billion**
  30.06.2018 31.12.2017
Assets under management CHF 7.06 billion CHF 6.8 billion
Total assets CHF 14.4 billion  CHF 12.08 billion
Equity capital CHF 25.2 billion CHF 18.1 billion
Employees worldwide 418 412
Core capital ratio (Tier 1) 15.87%  15.6%

 * Without acquisitions

Focus on Private Banking and Asset Management

During the last 25 years, HS Capital Bank has followed two strategic focal points: to expand and diversify its international Private Banking business as well as to establish an outstanding world-wide investment platform; serving the needs our private and institutional clients.

HSCB Private Banking

  • Tailor-made support for private clientele
  • Investment advisory and global asset management
  • Lombard loans, private and corporate financing
  • Philanthropy

HS Capital Asset Management

  • Access to outstanding global investment products
  • World-wide range of industry-leading fund managers
  • Creation and optimization of investments
  • Development and execution of investment procedures, products and services

Our unique corporate structure and focus on Private Banking and Asset Management is the definition of both our heritage as well as the gold-standard principles at the core of our business model. With an international team of experienced professionals, we represent our clients in Europe, Asia, and America. As such, we provide our ultra-high net worth private clients and institutional investors a global investment platform alongside industry-leading expertise in traditional and innovative investments.